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MetaLife: Interactive Installation Based on Liquid Metal Deformable Interfaces

Qiuyu Lu, Liyuan Wang, Haipeng Mi, Danqing Shi

Art Work Introduction

What is life? When a drop of liquid metal can move, hunt, and digest its prey, is it alive? MetaLife is a series of interactive installations in which "liquid metal mollusks" are raised. The liquid metal mollusks that inhabit the installation seem to be sentient. When visitors interact with the mollusks, they exhibit shy, curious, or even slightly insolent behavior, and prompt its human interlocutor to give some thought to what life is.

This work has been presented at 7 exhibitions, including Ars Electronica Festival 2016, The 4th International Art & Science Exhibition, Xinjiang International Biennale, Longli International New Media Art Festival, China International Dynamic Sculpture Exhibition, Chinese Public Science Achievement Exhibition, Future Wisdom: 2019 Artificial Intelligence - Art & Technology Exhibition.

Paper Introduction & Full-Text Link

Driving from the novel technology of LIME (LIquid MEtal shape-changing interfaces), MetaLife presents a series of installations for educational, entertainment, or aesthetic purposes. In this paper, we discuss how we translate LIME's interaction paradigms into design vocabulary and how we use such vocabulary to design the installation. As industry and academia become disconnected from each other in the field of tangible user interfaces, MetaLife gives an example of how we can promote the bonds between them.



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Behind the Scenes

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