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Color Singer: Composing Music via the Construction of LEGO Blocks with Various Colors

Qiuyu Lu, Yi Zhang, Jingtian Fu, Naixuan Du, Yingqing Xu


Explore the fusion of creativity, play, and music with our project, where LEGO blocks transform abstract music composition into a tangible, intuitive experience. Each color in the LEGO palette corresponds to a distinct musical note, offering the freedom to purposefully replicate sheet music or casually build, unveiling serendipitous musical surprises. We present Color Singer—a system crafted and programmed with LEGO Mindstorms, open-sourced for accessibility. Our video showcase not only explains the implementation of Color Singer but also features a charming LEGO stop-motion animation narrating the heartwarming story of the Color Singer saving love. Join us in this innovative journey, where the tangible world of LEGO meets the abstract realm of music composition.



Video (enable sound for the best experience)

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