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milliMorph: Fluid-Driven Thin Film Shape-Change Materials for Interaction Design

Qiuyu Lu, Jifei Ou, João Wilbert,  André Haben, Haipeng Mi, Hiroshi Ishii


This paper presents a design space, a fabrication system, and applications for creating fluidic chambers and channels at a millimeter scale for tangible actuated interfaces. The ability to design and fabricate millifluidic chambers allows one to create high-frequency actuation, sequential control of flows, and high-resolution design on thin film materials. We propose a four-dimensional design space for creating these fluidic chambers, a novel heat sealing system that enables easy and precise millifluidics fabrication, and application demonstrations of the fabricated materials for haptics, ambient devices, and robotics. As shape-change materials are increasingly integrated with designing novel interfaces, milliMorph enriches the library of fluid-driven shape-change materials and demonstrates new design opportunities that are unique at the millimeter scale for product and interaction design. 




Behind the Scenes

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